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The concept is simple … a small site dedicated to the love and enjoyment of cooking.

Hi, I’m J.Ho and this is pleasurecooker.com

First off … I dedicate this site to my parents, who never made me eat anything I didn’t like.

It all started in March of 2005. I sent a quick e-mail out to a small list of friends and co-workers on a recent discovery of a simple, yet unique way of preparing cauliflower. Chopped, seasoned and roasted. The institution was born. The response was incredible. Everyone loved it and asked me for more and more ideas. Shortly thereafter I began emailing out recipe ideas on a weekly basis and eventually added drink recipes, music reviews and downloads. Every now and then I’d miss a week. I usually would get quite a few e-mails or people stopping me in the hallway to ask me why it wasn’t done.

The recipes I send out are from a variety of sources: cookbooks, friends, family, the Internet, food TV shows or my own boundless imagination. All are tried and tested by me and given my somewhat valuable seal of approval. Almost all recipes I share have been tweaked somewhat to my own tastes. I believe recipes are simply templates and aren’t always meant to be followed. Change them around, mix things up and you’ll never know what you’ll discover.

Nearly a year later the e-mail list has grown from about twenty people to over 200. A good portion of that list are people I don’t even know. There have been plenty of times when a friend would send me four or five e-mail addresses of their friends and ask for them to be added to the list. Well, it seems like a good time to take this workload off my company’s mail server and place it on the web.

I’ve decided to publish the archive of my recipe e-mailings and continue with the weekly (or whenever I can do it) recipe posts. I’ll also continue to post music suggestions, drink and cocktail recipes, and whatever else may be relative to the core concept. I think it might be a good idea to post reviews on cookbooks, kitchen tools and restaurants as well. I’m also inviting friends that share my cooking interests to publish their own posts on the site. Reader comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this site and take away something of value from our posts. Feel free to share some of your own thoughts.



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  1. Stef says:

    Watch out ladies!! J.Ho is a major catch!!! Strike while the iron (or skillet) is HOT!!! Good luck! This looks great!!!

  2. Favorite Sister-in-law ;-) says:

    Site looks fabulous. Clean, clear, and I couldn’t find any typos!

  3. Anna says:

    Nice going! Do you deliver?

  4. sandy says:

    James … this is awesome! i am very impressed and proud of you to bring your dream to a reality for all those to see and be a part of. you are not only a dear friend, but a true inspiration to me (and all you meet). best wishes and i can’t wait to see you host your own TV show one day!! i’ll be your agent 🙂

  5. Birthe says:

    great place you’ve got here. Lots of great food and recipes.

    I’m from Denmark and have made my own attempt to make a foodblog, you are welcome to browse me 🙂

  6. That cauliflower looks fantastic. And yes, I’m trying to cut down on starches, too. I will have to try that.

    I was wondering if you’d give my site a look. It is about cocktail and drink recipes that are true to their origins. It also has liquor, cordial, and mixer information, reviews, and commentary. If you like it, would you consider putting it in your Drinks link list?

    Anyway, great site you have. Thank you for your time.

  7. Bob says:

    First time visitor. I enjoyed the visit. Looking for fine wine, chateau briande, foie gras for Valentine’s day – any suggestions ?

  8. LB says:

    Hey J.
    Happy summer. Just checking in to let you know I bought a Weber Bullet Smoker a couple of weeks ago and am already blowing the doors off anything “BBQ” at that Blue restaurant in Hamilton lol!

  9. Anna says:

    heh there stranger…

    Now you know it was I who declared tomatoes safe in MA right? Very scary our food safety system in the states…

    And btw, it turns out it’s jalepeno peppers we have to worry about. How are you and where are you? (cognos email doesn’t work). Anna

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