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Evasive Turkey Roasting Chart

By , November 15, 2007 17:21

I know of several ways to roast a turkey.  But only one or two ways that actually yield a delicious, juicy bird.  I was cruising the Boston Globe’s online Food section.  What do you know.  They have a roasted turkey recipe.  Since I’m one always willing to learn something new or something old, yet effective, I clicked on the link.  Look at it for yourself here.

Now I noticed the article was dated 2006.  It’s not like I’m expecting a turkey recipe from 2007 to be irrelevant in 2007.  The roasting method seemed pretty simple and straightforward, which is the typical methodology for cooking anything delicious.  Three times the article refers to a chart for gauging the roasting time.  Something that’s pretty important in my opinion.  Anyone can season a bird and slap it in the oven.  The mystical part of roasting a turkey is figuring out how damn long the thing needs to be in the oven, and at what temps and stuff.

The chart they are referring to is not found anywhere on that page!  What the hell? If I had to guess, and I hate having to guess, I would say this article was originally published in the paper version of the Globe and reincarnated as a short article for the web a year later.  Someone’s lazy ass did a simple cut-and-paste from some database (or maybe it was an automated system) and simply syndicated the article.  But somehow forgot to, or intended to leave out the important roasting chart.

Typical, TYPICAL Boston Globe journalism for you.  Lots of fluff that everyone knows and leaving out the things that we might actually need.

Yankees suck!

Roasted Cauliflower … but not mine!

By , April 5, 2006 18:07

Slashfood, one of my favorite sites, posted a roasted curried cauliflower recipe that’s similar to the roasted cauliflower I put up. Their variation uses fresh garlic, curry spices and lemon juice. The message is basically the same … Roasted Cauliflower RULES !!!

The Pride of Boston … In a Cookie Tin

By , April 3, 2006 10:21

A tin chock full of hand-iced sugar cookies with Boston-themed artistry has put this small Beantown bakery on the map. Gourmet baker A Dozen Eggs not only produces the coolest Boston-themed cookies, but they also do hand-iced cookies with custom corporate logos, congratulatory messages, holiday themes, new baby boy/girl and several other occasions.

Beantown Cookies

Thanks to my friend Melanie for showing me this. She’s almost as big a Red Sox fan as I am. The Red Sox-like jersey cookie is what caught my eye in the Beantown cookie tin offering. As you can see they also have the Citgo sign, the T logo, Newberry Street sign and others. I hope they’re as good as they look. I’m placing an order right now. You can also buy them online at

When I originally tried to write this post and link it to their site, they were offline. There was a message on their site that led me to believe they were overwhelmed with online orders. They had to shut down and stop taking new orders for a while. Now they are back and my order, hopefully, will go through.

They were covered by Boston Magazine, local Boston food & restaurant review television show The Phantom Gourmet, the Boston Globe, and South Boston Online. The bakery and it’s owner, Laura Courtemanche, were covered on an episode of the Food Network’s Recipe for Success. Maybe my site linking to them will drum up enough business to knock them offline too.